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"I am privileged to have been a patient with Garric in South Africa. My name is Leigh-Ann and I have had a blessed athletic life! I started dancing at the age of 4 and competed professionally as an acrobat and gymnast. I took to running and this grew and in 2007 I ran my first ultra marathon called the Comrades Marathon in a time of 10hours and 11minutes! I then birthed two beautiful daughters. However my pregnancies were tough and I struggled with post partum weight loss and hormonal issues. I saw Garric first to assist me with support for post operative procedures and I have just flourished since he introduced me to Sports Functional Medicine and it's role in an athlete and more importantly a woman pre and post births.
I was literally unable to even run 2 km without pain in my abdomen and pelvic floor. Garric encouraged me to investigate my DNA and we ran a series of tests to better understand biochemically where I was. After discovering certain gene deletions, Garric guided me in the correct supplementation to support my oestrogen dominance and lack of ability to methylate any B vitamins.
Today I am able to run and exercise pain free and my weight management, hormonal levels and energy levels are better then even before birthing my babies! I am running better splits now then ever before, I feel stronger, more positive in my thoughts and energy levels! I have consistently increased my energy levels so much that I can now achieve all my goals that I have set out! Words cannot express what his treatment and support have done for me! Thank you Garric!" -Leigh Hasselbach