Case Study: Meet Murray

Murray Case Study Email - Crutches.jpg

Is traditional medicine sucking the life out of you? Do you wish there was another way?

What if there was a new way that separated you from the rest and gave you opportunities like never before?

Could you charge double or even triple if you were the only one who knew how to solve difficult problems with minimal fuss?

Here’s a great example of Functional Medicine at work.

Murray had been on crutches for a year ... been to 6 different practitioners including therapists, specialists, and a sports medicine physicians ... all had diagnosed him with severe double achilles tendonitis and attempted various strategies.

Murray had an active lifestyle of spinning and yoga, ran a successful business and enjoyed a jolly social life, but over the course of a year of pain, he gained 20 kg, mostly around his waist and started NSAID, anti-depressants, statin, blood pressure and anti-anxiety meds. He had lost his libido and was in a continuous negative thought pattern.

Murray's eating habits had deteriorated, although he always ate clean and healthy before.

Also, he was going through tremendous stress in business due to an ongoing legal case. His psychiatrist was ready to start increasing his anti-anxiety and depression meds. Murray was at the end of his rope.

His basic (tier 1) blood investigations showed :

  • low testosterone
  • high cholesterol (total and LDL)
  • ApoB: ApoA1 0.95
  • high TGL
  • high homocysteine
  • low vit D
  • high hs CRP
  • high GGT
  • low Fe
  • TSH slightly high and
  • above normal fasting insulin.
  • BP was at 130/85 (on meds)

It wasn’t until we used Functional Medicine and looked at the overall picture that it became a classic example of metabolic syndrome.

This is a simple 'case study' to show you how a patient’s condition can spiral out of control. This happens when the FOCUS is on ICD10 diagnosis and the paradigm of one medication - one symptom.

Metabolic syndrome with its associated accumulation of visceral fat is a catabolic state. Producing an increase in inflammatory factors, converting testosterone to estrogen, increasing IL6, CRP. The bottom line is, it adds fuel to the fire of any existing neuromusculoskeletal condition. And if there isn't one already, it’s just a matter of time.

Once we uncovered the root cause, Murray received the knowledge, understood why his achilles tendonitis remained severe and how it was linked to metabolic syndrome. He took extreme ownership of the program applying strategies that allowed him to throw the crutches away within a couple of weeks. He lost considerable weight within a few months, and in a short period had no need for medication. His blood results were completely normal after 3 months.

As a patient understands the factors that allow for a natural state of recovery and realize they are in control of switching off the catabolic process (with a well built program, of course), they will become your lifelong advocate.

Three years later, Murray has not returned and continues with a great base of health. He has referred more than 10 new patients.