My Why

Now I am going to be completely transparent with you.

Ten years ago I was ready to give up physiotherapy. I had built a thriving cash-based practice, but I had reached a point where my passion to do more wasn’t there anymore. I was treating 15 - 20 patients per day, year in and year out, working with Olympic athletes, various professional teams, teaching at a post-graduate level, and loving every minute, but I wondered what was next.

I had done all the continued education courses. We were getting great patient outcomes. There shouldn't have been any reason not to feel satisfied. Maybe it’s human nature.

Don't get me wrong I was absolutely grateful for everything but something was missing. You know that feeling ?

I always thought I assessed patients holistically but at what depth?

I believe what you think about the universe will deliver. Maybe not in the way you may imagine, but it will lead you along a path towards that vision or dream. My intuition, like many of yours, was that something was missing in medicine.

It was 10 years ago that I met a physician who was going through a similar mindset journey. Dr Badenhorst had realized that conventional medicine needed a face lift, a tummy tuck and a boob job.

He had an extreme interest in wellness, lifestyle factors and low penetrance genetics. Low penetrance genetics are genes that are influenced by lifestyle, emotion, nutrition, exercise and more. Research is finding more evidence daily how these genes influence our health positively or lead to chronic disease. (A story for another day)

This led me down a completely unexpected path. Dr B took me under his wing, and I then realized their was a new type of medicine emerging. This medicine was looking at the deepest root cause in the most thorough systemized approach I had ever seen. There was a skill level that was necessary to see the bigger picture, interpret, analyze, and implement.

This new way of thinking was not only mentally stimulating, but patients were getting amazing outcomes. Better and quicker than ever before. Difficult patients were resolving without extra manual therapy and rehabilitation. There was a sense of relief knowing that medicine had taken a massive step in the right direction.

Word of mouth referral picked up. We also started getting referrals from physicians who realized we were doing something really exciting and different that was getting great results.

On the other side of the spectrum, were the wellness loving patients. They wanted further engagement with us beyond their normal therapy sessions. A lot of these wellness patients have continued in our programs for the last 10 years. This again brought new business and more word of mouth referrals.

The last decade has been the most exciting journey of discovery and it’s only just the beginning.

If you ever feel you are looking for that missing something to your plan of care… yearning for mental stimulation ... want to be the " Go-To" practitioner ... reset your income potential ... always be that step ahead ...

I highly recommend you take a serious look into integrating Functional Medicine. You will never look back.